Body Underwear

About This Project

It’s good not to take everything seriously. We took that rule to hear, when designing these snug undies inspired by the yellow jumpsuits of inmates and stereotypical prison humor. Despite the humor, this 100% organic cotton underwear is unbelievably comfortable. Just like Goofy’s alter ego Super Goof, you’ll be invincible in these. Just don’t drop the soap, it might be taken as a provocation in these.



• Men


• 95 % Organic Cotton

• 5 % Elastane

Size Range:



• Orange with Blue Details

• All Orange

• All Blue

manufactured in GOTS and TÜV India SA 8000 certified factory in India*

* This item is inspired by prisoners like all pieces of Project Papillon. While some pieces are also made by inmates while doing time this one requires machinery and personnel that is not available in prisons. It has been crafted by a trusted partner in line with our code of ethics. Here we aspire the use of organic raw materials and production sites where good working conditions and reduced environmental impact are ensured.


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