Feather Socks

About This Project

Do you see the owl? You might not spot it, but it’s there in the original piece of art that led to the pattern of these socks. The work is called “Metsästäjä”, Finnish for “hunter”, and features a proud owl with a freshly caught mouse in his mouth. We zoomed into the image, and this pattern is actually the predator’s feathers.

These comfy and feather-soft socks are 70% cotton, 25% elastane, and 5 % lycra and made in Finland.



• Unisex

Size Range:

• 34-48


• 70 % Cotton

• 25 % Polyamide

• 5 % Lycra


• Off-white with Dark Blue Pattern

Manufactured in certified factory in Finland*

* This item is inspired by prisoners like all pieces of Project Papillon. While some pieces are also made by inmates while doing time this one requires machinery and personnel that is not available in prisons. It has been crafted by a trusted partner in line with our code of ethics. Here we aspire the use of organic raw materials and production sites where good working conditions and reduced environmental impact are ensured.


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